Our Project

We design, develop and manufacture advanced industrial metal detectors with distinctive quality.

Each project , according to the needs and technical specifications of the customer, includes the following steps:

Analysis of needs : We communicate with our customers and carefully analyze their needs and requirements. This process includes understanding the technical requirements , expected schedule and financial budget .

Design and engineering : After analyzing the needs, our engineering team designs the industrial metal detector based on technical specifications and relevant standards. At this stage, we use modern software and tools for simulation and optimization.

Production and manufacturing : After the design is approved, the production and manufacturing process of the industrial metal detector begins. Our production team uses advanced equipment and skilled manpower to produce high quality metal detectors.

Testing and validation : After production, metal detectors are tested and validated. This process includes quality, accuracy, and performance tests to verify compliance with standards and specifications.

Delivery and support : After the completion of the project, the industrial metal detector is delivered to the customer. Also, we provide technical support and after-sales service to accompany our customers throughout the useful life of metal detectors.

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